Rotary Club of Wyong Tuggerah

Youth Service Projects

Youth Exchange Programme:

A programme whereby young people (14 to 18 years) stay in a foreign country for a period of up to one year. They attend school and are hosted by various Rotary families.

Rotary Youth Leadership Award:

(18—24 years) A one week residential course at Vision Valley. One or two people from each of the District’s 63 clubs are sent each year. A highly sought after and successful course for youth leaders and future community leaders.


Is an initiative that exists to see disadvantaged girls aged 11 to 14 realise their beauty, worth and potential. They are pampered and mentored into a healthy lifestyle and led away from moral decline towards a lift in self esteem.

Model United Nations Assembly (M.U.N.A.):

Year 11 students assume the role of individual countries and their attitudes at a U.N. Assembly. Run by Rotary and recognised by the U.N., a number of local schools have participated in MUNA.

Rotary Inter School Debates:

Year 11 students from four High Schools debate each other on topical and controversial subjects. The winners receive an inscribed trophy and school prizes are awarded. Students receive a Cert. of Participation for inclusion in C.V’s.

Youth Programme of Enrichment (R.Y.P.E.N.)

This is designed for boys and girls 14—17 years of age and is to help in communicating a series of ideals to assist them to form their own values and moral standards.

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