Rotary Club of Wyong Tuggerah

International Service projects


For the past 25 years, 14,000 operations and over 24,000 patient consultations have been carried out by Rotary sponsored Doctor and Nurse Teams traveling voluntarily to the Pacific Rim Nations to perform cleft palate, cleft lip, burns, tumors, deformities and injury operations.

Polio Plus:

Rotary has been the leader in ridding the world of Poliomyelitis. The current programme is designed to drive the final nail into the polio coffin and ensure that ‘brush fires’ do not re-occur.

Rotary Health Research Fund:

Supported by donations to the Trust. The interest only is spent and there are no administrative costs. Recent research funding has benefited Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Problems of the Ageing. The current corpus is $4,000,000. The A.R.H.R.F. is second only to the Federal Government in the funding of Mental Health research in Australia — an outstanding feat of which Rotarians can be justly proud.

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