Rotary Club of Wyong Tuggerah

Rotary Wyong Tuggerah, in partnership with Wyong Chamber of Commerce and Wyong Council, aims to eliminate existing graffiti in the local community and keep it graffiti free by:
  • Providing a programme aimed at private, business, public facilities and public infrastructure sites;
  • Establishing communication and reporting networks to effectively and efficiently maintain a graffiti free community;
  • Establishing recognised practices and procedures for cleaning graffiti sites, thus promoting a professional approach with emphasis on the safety of the individuals involved or associated with this activity;
  • Using strategies involving support, co-operation and liaison with Wyong Chamber of Commerce and Wyong Council, project sponsors and other interested groups;
  • Encouraging community education and using specific initiatives to deter activities of graffiti artists – in particular, rapid removal and monitoring recently cleaned sites to ensure immediate repeat clean up action for any recurring graffiti;

Graffit Removal Project

We have taken delivery of a custom built trailer to assist us with graffiti removal throughout the Wyong-Tuggerah area.
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So that we can ensure all graffiti is eventually removed, please report graffiti issues on the Vandaltrak website where you can leave photos of the graffiti and a GPS location. This information will be sent on to the relevant Rotary Club or Council to deal with the graffiti. The NSW Police also use this site for gaining intelligence on graffiti vandals, and have been successful in recent times in catching these culprits.

If you would like to volunteer to help us clean graffiti, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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